D+C 123:12-13

"For there are many yet on the earth among all sects, parties and denominations...who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it--Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things [out] of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven--these should then be attended to with great earnestness."

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Hey guys!   It´s been a really good week- Elder Leite is a STUD! We are already like best friends! haha and he´s teaching me portuques!!!! I´m so pumped- I´m determined to come home tri lingual!!!!! But he´s super funny, we´re so excited to get work done!

I couldn´t go to Minas this week- The flia garrido have been really struggling. Satan is really working on them so that they don´t get baptized- Daniela´s mom is really starting to get them to not go through with it. Pray for them, they are so ready!!

We also found and elderly couple from spain this week!!! Manuel and Emilina. (Ashlee, I thought of you!!) They are super catholic, and didn´t want to here anything. The only reason that they let us in is because they live with a member (Who was the ├írea 70 in Uruguay a few years ago!) and they have been friends for 40 years. So, we started talking about their family, and they told us their WHOLE life story of every grandparent and child.   haha we felt prompted to talk about family history- we gave them  one of the Little booklet of My Family, and they said they would fill it out. They completely changed, and said that they want to live with their family forever!   They are like 80 years old, so they better get on it!! hahaha but we´re excited!

I love you all, I hope you have  a great week!

Elder Carroll


Hey Everyone!

I´m sorry it has taken me so long to write a group email!!!! It´s been crazy busy here.   I don´t know if I told you, but I´m now BACK in La Costa, and I am LOVING it!   It is a city right by the beach, and it is a lot like California. The members are the BEST, and I am loving it so much. I´m zone leader with my companion Elder Galeano, and we are having so much fun together.

So, we´re trying to explode the member missionary work here in El Bosque- All the members are such studs! We´ve found a lot of really cool investigatores, right now we are working with a lady named claudia, who is a lot like Ms. Cave! We are also working with the girlfriend of one of the young men in the ward, named vicki, we have a charla with her today.

AND, I found out that the Flia Garrido in Minas is getting baptized this week!!!  I got permission from President Cook to go to minas this saturday!  I´m so excited, I´ll send you pictures!!

I love you all so much, I don´t have too much time. But, the church is true. Something that has really been on my mind is how CLOSE we are to the 2nd coming. The Last days are raging on, the thing that will keep us safe are the stakes of zion around the world. Stay close to the lord, and strengthen your stakes!   We have to be prepared!!!

I love you guys! Have a great week!!

Elder Carroll

8-24-15 Pics

We had an open Chapel where anyone could come in and take a tour of the church!!! It was so cool, I gave the baptismal font tour!

And we went as a zone to the shopping mall in our area and we handed out Books of Mormon to people! It was super fun!!!!



 Too much fun.


 Elder Galeano!!! New companion from Paraguay!

And Our studly ward mission leader- He Looks and acts JUST like Gunnar Groscost! (Gunnar and Logan, it`s your brother, I swear!)

 Concilio with all the zone leaders in my group!! ( We were in the MTC together, and now we`re Zone leaders together! They`re so awesome!!)

And Esteban- an Investigator that is really progressing! (He`s a reference from a member in the ward- He`s Her son) He`s hopefully getting baptized this Saturday!

THE ZONE!!!! Half are sisters and the other half are Elders.    It`s legit.

 The wolf man!!!!!! hahaha this is an investigator that is OBBESSED with one of the soccer teams in Uruguay- La Nacional Lobos (The wolfs).  hahaha it´s pretty awesome!
The young men´s president!!!! Brother Carsin. He served in Japan on his mission, he sells cheese, and is fluent in English!!! He´s so cool!
AND Uncle Kim, he has a DUCATI!!!!!!!!  It´s pretty sweet!

7-28-15 More...

Family night with the Merola family and the Mederos. They are so cool!!

We made zone shirts!!!!!  Hahaha it`s like superman, but with an m for MINAS!!! On the back it has all of our names on in with our countries flag on it! 

7-28-15 Pics


Hey everyone!   So I`m pretty lame, I haven`t written in a while!!  But, we got the news for changes, I`m leaving Minas! But I`m going back to La Costa in Montevideo where I was before Minas!!!   I`m so excited, I LOVED La Costa, the members are BOSSES, and we`re are going to see so many miracles!  I`m pretty bummed that I won`t be here for the baptism of the Flia Garrido, BUT, as long as they can get baptized and go to the temple, It will all be alright.    They are REALLY progressing!!! We`ve had a charla with them almost everyday this week, and we`ve been able to go with a member every time. They feel so comfortable with the members and they love church! THEY CAME AGAIN!!!!   So everything has been going good- But we were alert for Satan´s obstacles, We knew that SOMETHING bad would happen, and we were praying to be prepared for that. Sure enough, we had a charla with them yesterday, and Daniela´s Mom was over the other night, and found out that they are taking the charlas. She got so mad at Daniela, and even the kids were in on it with their grandma. At the beginning of the charla, Daniela started to ball, and just told us everything, and that she felt so hurt and didn`t know if she could go on. We have no idea what to do, so we just listened and prayed to know what to do!!   She told us that she was at the point to leave it all. She was going to stop going to church, not get married, not get baptized. But she remembered the spirit that she`s felt, and she told us that she KNEW that there was something different with us. She prayed to know if she should keep going, and that god would show her what to do in the Book of Mormon. She grabbed the Book of Mormon, and the FIRST verse she read was about the Jaredites, and the wars and hardships that they had within their own family, BUT That even through that, they could not deny the truth that the prophets had left them. They KNEW it was true. So, she GOT HER ANSWER!! She knows that the Book of Mormon is true, and now there is NOTHING that can stop her!   It was the COOLEST charla I`ve been in, and the spirit REALLY directed to help them see that opposition will come, and that it`s OK to have struggles in the family, but that we have to forgive and know where to put that anger. They are seeing first hand the blessings of the Lord!!!    AHHHH I`m really going to miss them!!      Keep them in your prayers!!!

I know that this church is true. The Savior will come again, and we are SO close to that day. If we will be prepared for that great day depends on each one of us. Today is the day to start living the Gospel!!!   I love you guys, have an awesome week!!!

Elder Carroll

P.S.  I sent a picture of the Garrido Family, and the other one, we found a cool farm outside of the city!!!!! hahaha I thought that was pretty cool!a